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We help organizations to shape strategic and social change, understand and inspire teams, strive to future success with more courage and engagement.
We are a community of experts: from reliable insights and advices to top management to team training sessions and non-standard keynotes to employees.
Shibui 渋い
A person polished by time and experiences, who has maintained morale and knowledge Minimalism and straightforwardness - only what is the most important
Vision, mission, value recalibration

A strategic session to re-evaluate and adjust the content of mission, vision, and values

1-2 days | Kęstutis Vingilis, Kęstutis Kilinskas

Moderation of strategic sessions

1-2 days | Kęstutis Vingilis, Kęstutis Kilinskas

Value communication

A personalized program designed to authentically convey the content of values and listen to the evaluation of different groups of the organization

Long - term program with individualised keynotes | Shibui lecturers

Building of resilience in the organization

Experiential individual and team resilience training to introduce psychological reactions and tools to manage them

1–3 days | Hybrid training | Kęstutis Vingilis, Kęstutis Kilinskas

Culture and courage. The language of contemporary art

Individualized workshops with contemporary artists to inspire a new approach to organizational challenges

1-2 days | Hybrid training | Invited guests

Management training program „Nomad“

Individualized program for managers with unique experiential setting, tailored according organizational challenges

1 day every | 1.5-2 months | Hybrid training

Group and leader. 2.2

A program for managers: group dynamics and the role of manager, emotional intelligence, adaptive leadership, and the impact of cultural inertia in organization

1-3 days | Hybrid training | Kęstutis Vingilis


Leadership and group dynamics training for managers with complex experiential tasks and in-depth reflections. For experienced and demanding teams

1-2 days | Kęstutis Vingilis, Kęstutis Kilinskas

Individual or Team coaching

Remote | 1 hr.

powerTeam - experiential team training

Intensive experiential team building with dynamic tasks and short reflections

5-6 hrs | From 20 to 200 | Outdoors and indoors

Odysseus - complex breaking-limits training

Training program with particularly strong emotional experiences, designed to explore role taking, limits, authority, to reveal personal attitudes and determination to take responsibility | For sales or managers

1-2 days | Kęstutis Kilinskas

Team of teams - team dynamics training

Training for employees to get acquainted with the assumptions of group dynamics and increase personal maturity in the group, strengthen cooperation and awareness of group motives and drives

1-2 days | Kęstutis Vingilis

Intercultural communication

Countries: China, India, Scandinavia, Poland, Germany

1 Day or 1.5 hrs | Remote sessions | Audrius Beinorius, Kęstutis Kilinskas, Kęstutis Vingilis

„ReView“ Communication Training

Basic theory of organizational communication with case analysis and reflections

1 day or 3 remote sessions 1.5 hrs. | Kęstutis Kilinskas

Priority and time management training „Focus“

1 day or 1.5 hrs | Remote sessions | Kęstutis Vingilis

Conflict and stress. Management and prevention

1 day or 1.5 hrs | Remote sessions | Kęstutis Vingilis

Hakathon. Tailored made.

1-2 days | individualized

Creating innovations. For management team

Continuing program to familiarize management team with current issues of innovation in different industries and to better understand their own role in creating and implementing innovations

2-4 times -duration 2-4 hours. | Personalized for organization | Invited guests

Future ways of work

Dynamic focus group workshops designed to calibrate rational expectations and irrational drives in order to agree upon work norms

1 day | Kęstutis Vingilis

Because unexpected partnerships, knowledge and discoveries encourage change, improvement and a new look at everyday organizational life.

We offer inspiring keynotes from prime professionals in their field.

Duration - 1.5 hours | Remote or live

Keynote topics. More info
Team in storm & in speed

Rokas Milevicius, Ocean Race sailor, captain

The journey as the goal

Ruta Meilutyte, swimmer, olympic champion

Science, vaccines, and myths

PhD. Ingrida Olendraite, University of Cambridge

Psychological maturity in polar expeditions in Greenland

Algimantas Kuras, polar explorer

How to prepare and climb a HIGH mountain?

Saulius Damulevičius, high altitude climber

The brain always wins

Gediminas Grinius, Ultra trail runner

Myths, science, and society

PhD. Jonas Jurkevičius, physicist

Features of Indian culture
The concept of yoga in India and the West
Political Hinduism in India

Prof. Audrius Beinorius, Indologist

How can you talk to the wolves in a polar environment? Relationship with predators in Siberia

Prof. Donatas Brandišauskas, social anthropologist

Video age, media, and the environment

Berta Tilmantaitė, multimedia journalist

Why do we need literature and books?

Dr. Rimantas Kmita, writer

What is the Truth today, in the postmodern world?

PhD. Kęstas Kirtiklis, philosopher

Historical and cultural intersections of the Baltic States: self-image and stereotypes. Who should we take to organizations today?
Special mission experience for business teams
Black gold turned into failure. Why did the Arab Spring start? Why did the sword of the dictatorship cut the flowers of the Arab Spring?

PhD. Kęstutis Kilinskas, war historian

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Charismatic, with powerful stories and experiences
Kęstutis Vingilis

HR Specialist, Swedish Military Academy, Oriental Studies, Tavistock Institute for Human Relations (UK)

Area of expertise: organizational culture, team psychodynamics, experiential education, innovations

Kęstutis Kilinskas

Military historian, PhD, former participant in special missions

Area of expertise: strategy, intercultural communication, change

Milda Autukaitė

Psychologist, ex HR head in „Swedbank“, Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (UK)

Area of expertise: management coaching (individuals and teams), HR processes and implementation, transformation in leadership and organizational culture

Shibui keynote lecturers

Ruta Meilutytė

Swimmer, olympic champion

Area of expertise: swimming, mental health, olympic performance

Rokas Milevičius

Ocean Race sailor, captain

Area of expertise: team dynamics, sailing, leadership

Ingrida Olendraitė

Virologist, PhD, University of Cambridge

Area of expertise: viruses, vaccines

Audrius Beinorius

Indologist, professor

Area of expertise: Indian and Chinese culture, Buddhism, Yoga, Hinduism

Algimantas Kuras

Polar explorer

Area of expertise: human mental and physical limits, ability to adapt

Jonas Jurkevičius

Physicist, PhD

Area of expertise: critical thinking, evolution of science

Gediminas Grinius

Ultra trail runner, world champion (UTWT)

Area of expertise: human mental limits, self-knowledge, motivation, neurochemistry

Berta Tilmantaitė

Multimedia journalist, photographer, co-founder of Nara.lt

Area of expertise: visuals, environmental protection, media ethics

Saulius Damulevičius

High altitude climber

Area of expertise: climbing, pushing boundaries, achieving long-term goals

Donatas Brandišauskas

Professor of social anthropology

Area of expertise: ecology, human relationship with nature

Rimantas Kmita

Writer, PhD

Area of expertise: literature

Kęstutis Kirtiklis

Philosopher, PhD

Area of expertise: critical thinking, communication, and media philosophy

Vidmantas Balkūnas

Press photographer

Area of expertise: social shadows, relationship with "otherness"

Nidas Kiuberis


Areas of expertise: creation, entrepreneurship

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